The G.I. Impulse� 50 is a low maintenance tournament grade stacked tube poppet valve marker with very high efficiency. Based on the renowned Smart Parts Impulse platform. Hoseless design main regulator and LPR are built info grip frame to eliminate all hoses in design. Tool-Less eye covers allow quick and easy maintenance. The balanced valve design allows the Impulse� 50 to shoot smoother and quieter with less kick than other poppet valve type guns.


  • Molded Case
  • Barrel Safety Bag
  • Toolkit
  • O-Ring Spares
  • Drop Down Rail
  • Wall Charger
  • 2 7.4 Volt rechargable batteries

  • Custom Barrels
  • Drop Back Rails
  • Custom Accent Colours
  • Car Charger & Rechargable Batteries
  • Lube