If you wish to buy .50 Cal Paintball Products please visit the following websites:

The .50 Cal Paintball Shop -

Their range includes all the GI Milsim Markers; Impulse, Nano, Micro, FM50 and G150, the Agitator and Turbine Loaders, GI Milsim Playing Gear which includes Jersey, Pants and Gloves.

The GI Milsim Paintball range also includes Casual Wear T-Shirts, Shirts and a Hoodie, Bags and Bags with Wheels.

The .50 Cal Paintball Shop range also includes a range of Accessories and a wide Range of VFORCE Masks, X-AIR, C02 and AIR.

Plus Dark Sports Paintballs - Field Class, Rec Class and Tournament Class.

All available to buy online.