The G.I. Milsim .50 caliber barrel line brings the convenience of a single thread system with the accurate polish, finish and styling of the most popular barrels. The G.I. Freak50 barrel system, with interchangeable fronts and inserts creates a more versatile and personal barrel system for any condition.

Industry standard threading:
  • High quality bright dip anodizing
  • Short lengths for front players and long lengths for back players
  • Patented Barrel Technology. Barrels have an increased number of ports which make the gun quieter and allow the ball to transition from barrel pressure to atmosphere pressure completely before exiting the barrel
  • Stiff arbor honing process. Cuts the bore perfectly round, and smoothes out any imperfections
  • Two Stage Bore. Allowing the ball to uncompress in the front section of the barrel and stablize before existing the barrel tip. Optional portless front for the rain