The FM50� anchors the G.I. Milsim� marker line. The simple, reliable mechanical semi-automatic inline poppet valve design uses machined aluminum and Mil-Spec composite construction with tool-less disassembly for super quick field-strip takedown. The obvious choice for rental, Military/Police training and all levels of woodsball, rec and scenario. Inspired by the Military, the FM50� melds the toughness and ingenuity that makes modern military products so rugged and versatile. Creating innumerable configurations with available accessories, the G.I. Milsim FM50� can grow with your field or playing style.


  • Custom Injection Molded Carrying Case
  • Squeegee
  • Barrel Safety Bag
  • O-Ring Spares
  • Allen Keys

Also available in field version.

G.I. Milsim is sensitive to all global markets, providing an international edition of the FM50 field marker that passes marker regulations for almost all world-wide countries.

  • Adjustable Rear Carbine CAR Stock
  • Accessory Barrels
  • Tactical Foregrip
  • Dual-Rail M4 Tactical Shroud
  • Master Key 5 Ball Launcher
  • Mil-Spec Front Sight
  • Mil-Spec Top Rear Sight
  • Mil-Spec Top Rear Sight w/Handle
  • 20 Round Feed Clips
  • Custom Barrels